Germany’s Cybersecurity council(s) or Social Engineering goes organisations*

In his regular show on Friday Oct 7, 2022**, German satirist and TV host, Jan Böhmermann, reported about Germany’s Cybersecurity council.

The question only is, which one…

Turns out we have two:

One, which was inaugurated by Germany’s Ministry of Defence. This is a council made up of politicians from Bund and Länder (representatives from the German Government and the Governments of the Local Federal States) that gives strategic advise to Germany and its political organs about cybersecurity.

The other is a registered society (in German Eingetragener Verein), which not only sports the exact same name as the official council, but allegedly includes entities with potential connections to Russian cybersecurity companies founded by former KGB officers according to above linked show.


* Some links available in German only
** Show available as per the TV stations publishings only

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