About Gerlinde

Gerlinde Zibulski is the Senior Manager of the Security Development and Architecture Team at SAP.

The team develops selected platform security functionality like cryptographic services including but not limited to cloud key management. The Team provides Threat Modeling, Security Architecture Consulting and Security Education. The Team is responsible for the Definition and roll-out of SAP’s secure development life-cycle, SAP’s Security Product Standard and Data Protection and Privacy requirements. The Team helps other Product teams at SAP reach security compliance also on a global perspective, e.g. China Cybersecurity Law and drives the adoption of security through SAP’s internal developer community.

Gerlinde has been with SAP since 1999, out of which more than 15 years in SAP Security. As the Director of the diverse SAP Security Product Management team, the team successfully expanded from security functionality in the platforms only to 6 products, from no revenue to double-digit revenue and from 5 people to 14 based in diverse locations.

Gerlinde has multi-cultural and international experience including a long stint at SAP Labs, Palo Alto, and a fellowship in Moscow.

Gerlinde has represented SAP at prestigious events like the RSA conference or the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing etc.

She speaks German, English, Dutch and Russian fluently as well as French and Spanish on intermediate level.

Gerlinde holds a Masters in Economics from Private University Witten/Herdecke.

Gerlinde Zibulski
Steinbachweg 14
69118 Heidelberg

The thoughts and opinions that I express on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer.

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