How do you stay up to snuff on security?

Security is such a vast topic and there is always a new attack on the horizon. I am  interested to hear what other security experts read on a regular basis.

In this blog I have put together which newsletters I try (:-)) to read on a daily basis. (the IEEE flagship magazine on privacy and security) (the monthly newsletter of the security czar Bruce Schneier) (online magazine and newsletter specifically geared towards Chief Security Officers) (Heise’s newsticker in German on technology and security) (Xing’s newsletter in German on technology including security) (daily newsletter on IT with a subsection on security) (daily newsletter about hacks that have become public) (bi-weekly newsletter on security in German) (that’s the “spirit” 🙂 daily newsletter on IT information) (newsletter for women in technology) (several technology newsletters) (not really security focus, but interesting daily newsletter on facts and figures of the world) (Wired’s daily newsletter. They almost always have an article on security) (Interesting technology newsletter) (different newsletters to product s and technology, however none on security) (industry specific newsletters, however none on security) (regular tech newsletter)


Please feel free to share which newsletters and/or magazines in the area of tech and security you follow.







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