The United States are not a „Safe Harbor“

The European Court ruled recently that the “Safe Harbor” framework is null and void. The decision publicly nicknamed the “Facebook court decision” is not only bothering social communities but many multinational companies that use “Safe Harbor” to exchange or store private data from the EU in the US. What to do now?

Many discussions are going on, but so far all I heard from my customers is, that the situation is completely unclear. I can highly recommend to not listen to the current suggestions that are flying around in the media. It is unclear whether you are okay, when you ask an end-users’ consent. It is also unclear whether you are okay, when you claim you are operating under EU privacy law. It is unfortunate, but we have to give the lawyers more time to debate and policy makers to align.

For the moment it is as the classic Brecht would have it: “The curtain down but nothing settled.

In German: „Der Vorhang fällt, doch alle Fragen sind noch offen.“

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