What I learned as an internal fraud investigator?

I switched jobs on May 1, 2022, and now work as a Chief Development Architect Security returning to my old strengths.

The time as a manager of an Internal Investigations Team investigating cases of fraud, corruption and bribery went by in a whim. If you stretch your mind a little bit, you could still state that this is a security topic. But I am not here to debate this.

What did I learn from my time in internal investigations?

I took away three things:

1. Anything that can be thought, can and will be tried.

2. The Fraud Triangle: to conduct fraud one needs motivation, rationalisation and most important opportunity!

And 3. and this really helps in discussions with security engineers who question that they have to fix a security vulnerability by asking: “Why would anybody exploit this?”

Any guesses anybody?

The single most frequent answer that team members and myself received when we asked an alleged employee: “Why did you do this?”, was:

“Because I can!”

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